Some would say that a regenerative approach is a little like looking back in time, to see how our ancestors would have grown and foraged food. While we agree with this in part, we feel that regen is also about looking forward and with a long term mindset. When we look beyond our own lifetimes and make 100 year plans for our farms and businesses, we make profoundly different decisions. 

We haven’t written our 100 year plan yet - we have been too busy getting some of the practical stuff like fences, water troughs and a couple of usable buildings on the ground - but we muse on it daily. It’s been 16 months since we moved here and now we feel ready to open ourselves up and share our regenerative transition, hoping that it will inspire yours. 

For us, regeneration goes beyond the soil and the food we grow. Today bigger businesses are seeking out the same variety, at the same time, to the same specification in the same volume. The problem is that nature doesn’t do the same all the time. Nature does abundance but not in monocultures.

As well as food and farming, regeneration is also about the way we do business. For example, we are exploring Steward Ownership to help rewrite the rules for a more just economy and are inspired by businesses who have given Nature shares in the business and a seat at the Board Table.

We invite you to follow our warts ‘n all journey here at Planton. If you feel inspired by what we’re doing, then come along to a workshop, taster course or apply to join one of our accelerator programmes and start to unearth what a regenerative approach to farming might look like for you. 

Find out what regenerative farming means and how it could benefit your business.