Planton Farm is part of an urgently-needed food system transformation. We look to a future that nourishes people physically, mentally and emotionally; moving towards holistic and circular systems and away from industrialised, extractive ones.

At our heart is Planton Farm, a regenerative livestock farm in the Shropshire hills. The farm provides space for people to learn, and to unlearn. It provides a space to explore and demonstrate the art of what is possible for complete system change, as opposed to incremental tweaks. Our produce provides nourishing real food for our local community.

For individuals who are curious about a regenerative approach, we offer an immersive Transition Programme, Roots to Regeneration and a variety of one day courses. Our Programmes and courses are led by regenerative specialists from across the industry, and are designed for everyone from farmers, growers, vets and farm business advisers, through to processors, retailers and restaurants of any size.

To further the reach and impact of regenerative agriculture, we also work directly with aligned partners undertaking pioneering projects exploring system transformation towards a food system where people, land and animals truly flourish.