Adaptive Multipaddock Grazing ~ Farmers Guardian and Farmers Weekly

We, Clare and Annie, began our collaborative journey in 2014, focusing on pioneering projects in sustainability, animal welfare, and regenerative farming. Our shared passion led to the founding of Planton Farm in 2021.

One of our most notable endeavors during this period was the Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing project, inspired by Peter Byck's innovative project in the US.

We set out to determine the practicality of AMP grazing in the UK. We didn't just theorise; we committed to rigorous data collection, gathering over 50 metrics annually. Using a systems-based approach, we evaluated the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of this grazing system. Our groundbreaking work not only demonstrated the feasibility of AMP grazing in the UK but also laid a solid foundation for future advancements in sustainable farming practices.